ISEA International Board

The ISEA International foundation board is the governing body of ISEA. The primary role of the Board is to oversee the continuation of the annual symposia. The Board holds its General Meeting at each annual symposium, where it updates the public activities and invites organisations bidding for future symposia to present their proposal.


Peter Anders (based in Midland, MI, USA)

Peter Anders is an architect, educator, and information design theorist. He has published widely on the architecture of cyberspace and is the author of “Envisioning Cyberspace” which presents design principles for on-line spatial environments. The book was published by McGraw Hill in 1998.

Wim van der Plas (based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Wim van der Plas is a sociologist interested in the relationship between science and art, or, on a more practical level, between technology & culture. Until retiring in 2011, he was a project manager and professor at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. He also worked for the Groningen and Utrecht Art Schools and the Foundation for Creative Computer Applications (SCCA). He is one of the two founders of ISEA and organised the First, Second and Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art. He was head of ISEA Headquarters before becoming an ISEA board member.

Bonnie Mitchell (based in Bowling Green Ohio, USA)

Bonnie Mitchell is a Professor of Digital Arts at Bowling Green State University, where her teaching specialization is in Animation and Interactive Art. She is internationally recognized for her interactive animated installations and collaborative Internet-based art works. In 2006, she was appointed the chair of the international SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. She also coordinated the Beyond Boundaries: Charles A. Csuri 1963-present extensive retrospective exhibition and the Electronically Mediated Performances at SIGGRAPH 2006. She also curated/chaired the GRAPHITE 2006 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and 2007 (Perth, Australia) Art Exhibitions and Art Talks. Bonnie is also President of CreativeMyndz Multimedia Studios, a company that develops interactive media for publishing companies in the field of the arts and humanity.