Artwork Submission FAQ

The Early Bird Submission deadline has passed. When is the next deadline for artwork submissions?

Regular deadline for submissions is December 20th 2014, with notification of acceptance projected for January 15th 2015.

What should be included in the submission for ISEA2015?

Brief project description (200 words)
Thematic statement: how does your work fit within the Disruption theme and subthemes? (200 words)
1 – 2 images:  clearly label all images
If submitting sound work or video, send a link to soundcloud/vimeo, including passwords if applicable
Artist bio or CV
Proposed budget
Technical and logistic requirements

How do I submit an artwork proposal to ISEA2015?

To submit work, please send all relevant information in PDF form via email to

What format is accepted for submissions?

All elements must be compiled into a single PDF.
Please format your filename as follows: ISEA2015ArtSubmission_(First Name)(LastName)
for example: ISEA2015ArtSubmission_KateArmstrong

What happens if I receive an ‘undeliverable’ or ‘delivery failure’ message when emailing my submission?

Please note that any attachments exceeding 25MB will result in a delivery failure message. If your attachment is more than 25MB, please send us your submission via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

What can be included in the budget?

For budget, please give us an idea of what would be needed in order to make the project happen in Vancouver. There is no suggested range per project. We will use this information to determine the feasibility of exhibiting the work. Feasibility is a factor in determining which works can be accepted into the exhibition. Please indicate funding sources associated with your project and whether they are planned or confirmed.

Can I submit more than one work?

Yes. Please submit each entry in a separate PDF and use the following filename format:
ISEA2015ArtSubmission_(FirstName)(LastName)3; etc.

Does the work have to be completed at time of submission?

No, however you must indicate it’s level of completion and/or expected completion date in the application.

Will you pay artist travel?

In the case of affiliated artists we would hope that travel would be covered by your university.

If my work is accepted in the artistic program of ISEA, will I be expected to attend?


I did not receive a confirmation email when I submitted my works. Is this a problem?

Due to the volume of submissions, do not expect to receive a confirmation email.

What is the deadline for submissions?

Early bird submission deadline for artworks: 10 August 2022 (DEADLINE PASSED).
Regular submission deadline for artworks: 20 December 2014

When will I be notified of acceptance?

Notification of Early Bird artworks acceptance: 15 September 2021
Regular notification of acceptance for artworks, workshops and tutorials: 15 January 2022

Who do I contact with questions?

Please email any questions not answered in this FAQ to